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Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymers from Surface-Modified Oxometallate Clusters

  • Ulrich Schubert (a1), Gregor Trimmel (a1), Bogdan Moraru (a1), Walter Tesch (a2) (a3), Peter Fratzl (a3), Silvia Gross (a1), Guido Kickelbick (a1) and Nicola Hüsing (a1)...


Inorganic-organic hybrid polymers were prepared by radical polymerization of methacrylic acid or methyl methacrylate with the (meth) acrylate-substituted oxozirconium and oxotitanium clusters Zr6(OH)4O4(OMc)12(OMc = methacrylate), Zr4O2(OMc)12, Ti6O4(OEt)8(OMc)8 and Ti4O2(OPri)6(OAcr)6(OAcr = acrylate). A few mol% of cluster is sufficient for an efficient cross-linking of the polymer chains. Small-angle X-ray scattering data indicate that the cluster size is retained in the polymers and that the microstructure of the cluster cross-linked samples can be described by a dispersion of identical spherical or disk-shaped clusters in the polymer. The obtained hybrid polymers exhibit a higher thermal stability because depolymerization reactions are inhibited. Contrary to undoped poly (methyl methacrylate), the cluster cross-linked polymers are insoluble but swell in organic solvents. The solvent uptake upon swelling decreases with an increasing amount of polymerized cluster.



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