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Inorganic-organic Hybrid materials from Layered Double Hydroxide structure and their subsequent carbonaceous repliqua

  • Fabrice Leroux (a1), El Mostafa Moujahid (a1), Claudia Roland-Swanson (a1), Laetitia Vieille (a1), Christine Taviot-Guého (a1), Jean-Pierre Besse (a1), Encarnacion Raymundo-Piñero (a2) and François Béguin (a2)...


Interleaved monomers and polymers between the sheets of layered double hydroxide (LDH) (hydrotalcite-type) materials are considered as carbonaceous source. After a charring process constituted of a carbonisation and a subsequent demineralisation, carbonaceous materials of interesting textural properties were obtained. The initial preparation of the polymer LDH hybrid phase was found to strongly orientate the textural characteristics, microporous volume and creation of mesoporosity. Several methods to assess the microporosity, t-plot, αs and Dubinin-Astakhov, are compared. Specific surface area as high as 2300 m2/g measured by BET method and microporous volume of 1.07 mL/g were obtained. The carbonaceous materials tested as supercapacitor in acidic medium present capacitances in the range 60 - 120 F/g associated to a good behavior in cycling.



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