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Infrared Studies on C60 Polymers

  • K. Kamarás (a1), L. Forró (a2) and Y. Iwasa (a3)


We present infrared spectra of linear and planar polymeric structures consisting of C60 balls. The splittings of infrared lines can be explained fairly well on the basis of symmetry reduction, indicating that the structures are ordered. Increasing the temperature results in breaking of intermolecular bonds. This process is reversible in the alkali salts but irreversible in the neutral rh-C60 polymer; we conclude that charged C60 balls are more stable in polymer form than as monomers, while for neutral C60 the situation is reversed.



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Infrared Studies on C60 Polymers

  • K. Kamarás (a1), L. Forró (a2) and Y. Iwasa (a3)


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