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Infrared Spectroscopy Characterization of Marine Shells

  • Octavio Gomez-Martinez (a1), Daniel H. Aguilar (a1), Patricia Quintana (a1), Juan J. Alvarado-Gil (a1), Dalila Aldana (a2), Laura L. Diaz-Flores (a3) and Martin Yañez-Limon (a3)...


Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy has been employed to study the shells of two kind of mollusks, American oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and mussels (Ischadium recurvum). It is shown that it is possible to distinguish the different calcium carbonate lattice vibrations in each case, mussel shells present aragonite vibration frequencies, and the oyster shells present those corresponding to calcite. The superposition, shift and broadening of the infrared bands are discussed. Changes in the vibration modes due to successive thermal treatments are also reported.



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