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Infrared Dielectric Properties of In1-xGaxAs Epilayers on InP (100)

  • N. L. Rowell (a1), G. Yu (a1), D. J. Lockwood (a1) and P. J. Poole (a1)


The concentration dependence of optical phonons in strained In1-xGaxAs epilayers grown on InP (100) by chemical beam epitaxy has been characterized with oblique angle polarized far-infrared reflectivity measurements. In this powerful method, the reflectance spectra contain sharp Berreman peaks exactly at the optical phonon frequencies. For radiation polarized in the plane of incidence (p-polarized), peaks for both the TO and LO phonons were observed. For s-polarization only the TO modes were observed. For heavily doped substrates the TO film phonons were observed as reflectance minima, whereas for lightly doped substrates they were seen as maxima. The measured spectra were curve resolved to separate the effects of the various modes which included GaAs-like longitudinal and transverse optic (LO and TO), a disorder induced, and InAs-like LO and TO phonons. The dielectric response function and phonon frequency dependences for all modes were obtained versus Ga fraction for x from 0.25 to 0.75 and the latter showed a quadratic dependence on x over this range. The effects of strain on the phonon frequencies could then be evaluated.



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