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Influence of Process Parameters on Resistive Switching in MOCVD NiO Films

  • X.P. Wang (a1), D.J. Wouters (a1) (a2), M. Toeller (a3), J. Meersschaut (a1), L. Goux (a1), Y.Y. Chen (a2), B. Govoreanu (a1), L. Pantisano (a1), R. Degraeve (a1), M. Jurczak (a1), L. Altimime (a1) and J. Kittl (a1)...


The unipolar resisitive switching properties of MOCVD deposited NiO in Ni/NiO/TiN stacks is reported. The switching quality is defined as function of RESET current and Roff/Ron ratio, and the importance of the Forming current and voltage on these parameters is discussed. The effect of structural stack variations as NiO thickness, Ti doping, and TiN thickness on the switching behavior of NiO is explained by the effect on the forming current and voltage conditions, and on Joule heating dissipation. Thinner NiO films, Ti doping, as well as thicker top electrode improve the switching quality by decreasing the RESET current and increasing the Roff/Ron ratio.



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