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Influence of Oxygen on Er-Related Emission in Gan With a Large Yellow Band

  • S. Ueklsa (a1), T. Goto (a1) and Mv. Kumagai (a2)


In order to investigate the luminescence properties of Er3+in GaN and the effect of oxygen (O) on Er3+ -related emission in GaN:Er, erbium (Er) ions were implanted into single-crystal h-GaN grown on a c-axis sapphire substrate at an energy of 2MeV. Oxygen ions were subsequently coiniplanted into GaN with Er ions. The influence of oxygen on Er-related emission in GaN with a large yellow band was studied by comparing photoluminescence (PL) measurements of GaN:Er and GaN:ErO. It was found that the optimum annealing temperature to obtain maximum PL intensity was 1200°C and that the E3+a-related PL intensities from GaN:ErO samples were negligibly enhanced in comparison with the GaN:Er samples. The temperature dependence of PL intensity in GaN:ErO showed no appreciable difference from that of GaN:Er. But good correlation between Er-related and a large yellow band emission was observed in GaN. This indicates that codoped oxygen ions influence Er-related and yellow band emission in GaN



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Influence of Oxygen on Er-Related Emission in Gan With a Large Yellow Band

  • S. Ueklsa (a1), T. Goto (a1) and Mv. Kumagai (a2)


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