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The Influence of Moisture on the Expansion of Macro-Defect-Free Cements

  • H. Igarashi (a1) and T. Takahashi (a1)


MDF(Macro-Defect-Free ) cement pastes, which consist of portland cement and polyvinyl alcohol/acetate, were prepared by varying the temperature during pressing and drying operations. We then examined the expansion of MDF cement pastes at various constant humidities. There was a large difference in expansion above 60%R.H. between samples prepared varying temperature at which samples were pressed. Samples pressed at 90 °C showed less expansion than samples pressed at 40 °C.

The pore structure of MDF cement pastes before exposure to moisture was measured by nitrogen adsorption, mercury intrusion porosimetry and image analysis. The properties of a matrix containing polyvinyl alcohol/acetate and cemnt hydrates were also investigated by TEM, IR and XPS.

There were not large differences in the result of IR and XPS measurement between the MDF cement pastes prepared at various temperatures. Calcium hydroxide crystal, lying perpendicular to cement particles, were often observed only in the MDF cement pastes pressed at 90 °C which occurs by water absorption, seems to be suppressed by calcium hydroxide crystal.



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The Influence of Moisture on the Expansion of Macro-Defect-Free Cements

  • H. Igarashi (a1) and T. Takahashi (a1)


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