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Influence of Hydrogen on the Germanium Incorporation in a-Si1-xGex:H for Thin-film Solar Cell Application

  • Chien-Ming Wang (a1), Yen-Tang Huang (a2), Yen Kuo-Hsi (a3), Hung-Jung Hsu (a4), Cheng-Hang Hsu (a5), Hsiao-Wen Zan (a6) and Chuang-Chuang Tsai (a7)...


In this work, we examined the Ge incorporation and the accompanied defect formation during PECVD deposition of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium alloys (a-Si1-xGex:H). In particular, we studied the effect of hydrogen on film growth, defect formation, Ge and Si incorporation efficiencies, and the H-bonding configuration. Our results indicate that hydrogen has a strong effect on improving the a-Si1-xGex:H film quality and the Ge incorporation in a-Si1-xGex:H. With adequate hydrogen dilution, the a-Si1-xGex:H thin-film quality significantly improved. However, excessive hydrogen dilution degraded the film properties. A number of analytical tools were employed, including FTIR, XPS, UV-Visible spectroscopy, photoconductivity, etc. The a-Si1-xGex:H material having 24% Ge content and a bangap of 1.61ev produced the solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 7.07%.



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