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Influence of Boron Diffusion on Ultra-Thin Oxides

  • T. Nigam (a1), M. Depas (a1), M. Heyns (a1), C. J. Sofielc (a2) and L. Mapeldoram (a2)...


In this paper the effect of different annealing conditions on boron diffusion is studied for 3 nm gate dielectrics. The use of amorphous material instead of polycrystalline material and the influence of nitridation (two-step N2O oxidation) was investigated. A better control on the flatband voltage (VFB) shift was observed for amorphous-Si gate as compared to polycrystalline-Si gate. A reduction in VFB was observed for N2O oxides as compared to pure oxides, but VFB was still above the ideal value for some of the thermal treatments. A significant reduction in QBD is observed for p+ gates as compared to n+ gates. The lowest post-implantation anneal gives the highest QBD for all the different combinations.



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Influence of Boron Diffusion on Ultra-Thin Oxides

  • T. Nigam (a1), M. Depas (a1), M. Heyns (a1), C. J. Sofielc (a2) and L. Mapeldoram (a2)...


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