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Increased Thermal Stability of Co-silicide Using Co-Ta Alloy Films

  • Min-Joo Kim (a1), Hyo-Jick Choi (a1), Dae-Hong Ko (a1), Ja-Hum Ku (a2), Siyoung Choi (a2), Kazuyuki Fujihara (a2), Ho-Kyu Kang (a2) and Hoo-Jeung Lee (a3)...


The silicidation reactions and thermal stability of Co silicide formed from Co-Ta/Si systems have been investigated. In case of Co-Ta alloy process, the formation of low resistive CoSi2phase is delayed to about 660°C, as compared to conventional Co/Si system. Moreover, the presence of Ta in Co-Ta alloy films reduces the silicidation reaction rate, resulting in the strong preferential orientation in CoSi2 films. Upon high temperature post annealing in the furnace, the sheet resistance of Co-silicide formed from Co/Si systems increases significantly, while that of Co-Ta/Si systems maintains low. This is due to the formation of TaSi2 at the grain boundaries and surface of Co-silicide films, which prevents the grain boundary migration thereby slowing the agglomeration. Therefore, from our research, increased thermal stability of Co-silicide films was successfully obtained from Co-Ta alloy process.



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