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Increased Stem Cell Adhesion on Carbon Nanotubes Grown from Anodized Titanium

  • Batur Ercan (a1) and Thomas Webster (a2)


Stem cells are the source of all differentiated cells in the body. However, the stimuli that control stem cell differentiation into other cell types is still not well understood. In order to investigate this, novel carbon nanotubes (CNT's) were synthesized on anodized titanium substrates by chemical vapor deposition. Human mesenchymal stem cell (HMCS) adhesion was investigated on this nano-structured surface. The results showed significant evidence for the enhancement of HMSC adhesion on carbon nanotubes with respect to the template they were synthesized on, specifically, anodized titanium. Such evidence provides promise for the use of carbon nanotubes grown from anodized titanium to serve as novel stem cell differentiation devices.



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