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Increase of Hydrogen-Radical Density and Improvement of The Crystalline Volume Fraction of Microcrystalline Silicon Films Prepared by Hot-Wire Assisted Pecvd Method

  • Norimitsu Yoshida (a1), Takashi Itoh (a2), Hiroki Inouchi (a1), Hidekuni Harada (a1), Katsuhiko Inagaki (a2), Noriyuki Yamana (a2), Kanta Yamamoto (a2), Shuichi Nonomura (a1) and Shoji Nitta (a2)...


Higher crystalline Si volume fractions in hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon ( µc-Si:H) films have been achieved by the hot-wire assisted plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (HWA-PECVD) method compared with those in films by conventional PECVD. µc-Si:H films can also be prepared by HWA-PECVD under typical conditions used for preparing hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) films by PECVD, in which the hydrogen-dilution ratio (H2 / SiH4) is ∼ 10. The hot wire seems to produce hydrogen radicals. As a result, the HWA- PECVD method can control hydrogen-radical densities in the RF plasma, and this method can also control the ratio of hydrogen coverage at the surface of the film.



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