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Incorporation of NSAID Drug Gel Derived from Cellulose and Polyacrylamide

  • C. A. Morales (a1), M. C. Castillo (a1), Z. N. Díaz (a1), S. J. González (a1) and V. O. Kharissova (a2)...


In this paper, the incorporation and release of two types of drugs was carried out in microgels of hydroxypropylcellulose/polyacrylamide (HPC/PAAM) and hydroxyethylcellulose/polyacrylamide (HEC/PAAM). The two drugs were NSAIDs (nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs)—one antipyretic and one analgesic—acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin, ASP) and iuprofen (IBU), respectively. First, the microgels were synthesized and characterized by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) in order to identify the presence of functional groups for each polymer. The incorporation of the drug was made by swelling the microgels in a drug solution and finally carrying out the release of the substances listed at 37° C. The results were obtained by UV-visible spectroscopy.



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Incorporation of NSAID Drug Gel Derived from Cellulose and Polyacrylamide

  • C. A. Morales (a1), M. C. Castillo (a1), Z. N. Díaz (a1), S. J. González (a1) and V. O. Kharissova (a2)...


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