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Incoherent Imaging by Z-Contrast Stem: Towards 1Å Resolution

  • S. J. Pennycook (a1), D. E. Jesson (a1) and A. J. Mcgibbon (a1)


By averaging phase correlations between scattered electrons a high angle detector in the scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) can provide an incoherent, Z-contrast image at atomic resolution. Phase coherence is effectively destroyed through a combination of detector geometry (transverse incoherence) and phonon scattering (longitudinal incoherence). Besides having a higher intrinsic resolution, incoherent imaging offers the possibility of robust reconstruction to higher resolutions, provided that some lower frequency information is present in the image. This should have value for complex materials and regions of complex atomic arrangements such as grain boundaries. Direct resolution of the GaAs sublattice with a 300kV is demonstrated.



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