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In Situ Sintering of Waste Forms in an Underground Disposal Environment

  • Michael I. Ojovan (a1), Fergus G. F. Gibb (a1) and William E. Lee (a1)


A waste management scheme is described, which aims to utilise the ambient pressure of a disposal environment, its radiation shielding and extended time of storage to ensure reliable immobilisation of radioactive waste in a glass composite or polycrystalline matrix form. The conditions required for natural sintering of the waste form in the repository are assessed for viscous flow and grain boundary diffusion mechanisms. In situ sintering of materials in the repository creates geochemically stable materials in equilibrium with the disposal environment ensuring a higher degree of safety compared to existing approaches.



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In Situ Sintering of Waste Forms in an Underground Disposal Environment

  • Michael I. Ojovan (a1), Fergus G. F. Gibb (a1) and William E. Lee (a1)


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