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In Situ Observation of Growing Process of Particles in Silane Plasmas and Their Effects on Amorphous Silicon Deposition

  • Masaharu Shiratani (a1) and Yukio Watanabe (a1)


In rf silane plasmas, growing process and behavior of dust particles and presence of negative ions are studied by square-wave-amplitude-modulating an rf discharge voltage. By combining the rf modulation method with Mie scattering methods, particle behavior together with temporal evolutions of particle size and density is revealed. While the rf modulation is effective for the suppression of particle growth, small particles are found to exist still in the discharge space for a larger duty cycle. Further, particles seem to be suspended around an rf electrode by counter balance between an electrostatic force due to time-averaged sheath electric field and a force increasing with particle size. The development of particle growth also affects the rf discharge itself, resulting in inhomogeneity of film properties. Negative ion detection is carried out as a first step for studying whether they cause the particle formation. It is found that negative ions are formed in rf silane discharges even for a low concentration of 0.5%SiH4 and their formation is due to attachment to dissociated radicals rather than dissociative attachment of SiH4.



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In Situ Observation of Growing Process of Particles in Silane Plasmas and Their Effects on Amorphous Silicon Deposition

  • Masaharu Shiratani (a1) and Yukio Watanabe (a1)


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