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In situ Neutron Diffraction Studies of Carbide-Matrix Interactions in HAYNES® 230® Nickel Based Superalloy

  • Tarik A. Saleh (a1) (a2), Bjørn Clausen (a2), Donald W. Brown (a2), Hahn Choo (a1) (a3), Peter K. Liaw (a1), Mark A. M. Bourke (a2), Sven C. Vogel (a2), Raymond A. Buchanan (a1) and Dwaine L. Klarstrom (a4)...


HAYNES 230 is a solid solution strengthened, face centered cubic (FCC), nickelbased superalloy, with a small amount (1–5 vol. %) of semi-coherent FCC carbides. Neutron diffraction experiments were performed to study the interaction of the carbides with the matrix during tensile and compressive loading. The behavior of the elastic lattice strains during in situ loading clearly showed a tension-compression asymmetry. Although the volume percentage is small, the interaction between the carbides and the matrix had a significant effect on the load sharing. In compression, the carbides began load sharing at the macroscopic yield point, while the tension test suggests no load sharing. Debonding at the carbide-matrix interface is proposed to explain the lack of load sharing during the tensile loading based on the disparities observed between the experimental results and the finite element models.



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