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In Situ Growth of High Quality Epitaxial Yba2cu3O7X Thin Films at Moderate Temperatures by Pulsed Laser Ablation

  • Douglas H. Lowndes (a1), David P. Norton (a1), J. W. Mccamy (a1), R. Feenstra (a1), J. D. Budai (a1), D. K. Christen (a1) and D. B. Poker (a1)...


Pulsed KrF (248 nm) laser ablation has been used for in situ growth of smooth, high‐quality YBa2Cu3O7‐x epitaxial films of variable thickness on SrTiO3, KTaO3, LaGaO3, LaA1O3, cubic ZrO2, and MgO substrates, at temperatures of ∼60O‐730°C, without higher temperature post‐annealing. A rotating target pellet, fine focusing by a single cylindrical lens, laser‐beam scanning over the target, and laser energy densities ∼2.5‐3 J/cm2 can be combined to yield films of completely uniform composition and with ∼25% thickness variation over areas ∼8 cm2. The best films have Tc > 92 K and JC(H = 0, T = 77 K) > 2 MA/cm2. Film‐growth procedures are described, together with results of superconducting and normal‐state transport measurements.



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