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Improvements of Structural and Optical Properties of GaN/Al0.10Ga0.9N Multi-Quantum Wells by Isoelectronic In-doping

  • Lianshan Wang (a1), Soo Jin Chua (a1) and Wenhong Sun (a1)



The effects of isoelectronic In-doping were studied on the structural and optical properties of 3-periods and 10-periods of GaN/Al0.10Ga0.90N multi quantum wells (MQWs). The GaN/Al40.10Ga0.90N MQWs were grown on u-GaN/sapphire via metalorganic chemical deposition (MOCVD) at 1050°C in H2 carrier gas. X-ray diffraction (XRD), and micro-Photoluminescence (PL) measurements revealed that In-doping into well layers improves the crystalline and optical properties of MQWs relative to those samples without In-doping. With increasing Trimethylindium (TMIn) flow rates from 4.2 mol/min to 42.6 mol/min, PL peaks from well layers obviously redshifted, due to the improvement of the strain along the interfaces between MQWS, irrespective of 3-periods or 10 periods MQWs. The improvement of the crystal quality was also confirmed by XRD.



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Improvements of Structural and Optical Properties of GaN/Al0.10Ga0.9N Multi-Quantum Wells by Isoelectronic In-doping

  • Lianshan Wang (a1), Soo Jin Chua (a1) and Wenhong Sun (a1)


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