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Improvement of Wrinkles in Roll-to-Roll Microwave Plasma CVD Graphene

  • Takatoshi Yamada (a1) (a2), Nayuta Shimada (a2), Kazuki Uekusa (a2) and Masataka Hasegawa (a1) (a2)


Wrinkle-less graphene films are obtained through roll-to-roll microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition by using flexible copper/polyimide (Cu/PI) webs. Raman spectra suggests that the average domain size of the obtained graphene on the flexible Cu/PI is almost the same compared to the graphene on a Cu web that includes wrinkles. Also, by utilizing the flexible Cu/PI webs, the compressive strains decreased. The sheet resistances of graphene deposited on the Cu/PI are (1∼5)×104Ω, which is two orders of magnitude lower than those of graphene deposited on the Cu webs. Our results suggest that the controlling the expansion of web material an important technology to improve graphene transparent conductive properties.


Corresponding author


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Improvement of Wrinkles in Roll-to-Roll Microwave Plasma CVD Graphene

  • Takatoshi Yamada (a1) (a2), Nayuta Shimada (a2), Kazuki Uekusa (a2) and Masataka Hasegawa (a1) (a2)


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