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Improvement of Mo/Cu2ZnSnS4 interface for Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin film solar cell application

  • Hongtao Cui (a1), Xiaolei Liu (a1), Xiaojing Hao (a1), Fangyang Liu (a1), Ning Song (a1), Wei Li (a1), Chang Yan (a1), Gavin Conibeer (a1) and Martin Green (a1)...


The focus of this work is on back contact improvement for sputtered CZTS thin film solar cells. Three methods have been investigated including a thin Ag coating, a thin ZnO coating on the Mo back contact and rapid thermal annealing of the back contact. All of these methods have been found to reduce defects such as voids as well as secondary phases at the back contact region and inhibit the formation of MoS2. Consequently all the mothods effectively enhances Voc, Jsc, FF and therefore efficiency significantly.


Corresponding author


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