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Improvement of LDI BUMP Stripping Process by Development of Room Temperature PR Stripper

  • Young-Min Kang (a1), Dong Chan Bae (a2), Hyun-Joon Kim (a3), Young- Nam Kim (a4), Young Ho Kim (a5) and Tae Sung Kim (a6)...


Bump process using gold bump led to many cleaning problems like polymer residues, metal and polyimide consumption after stripping process. First of all, stripping process of bump photoresist is one of the difficult technologies since thickness of PR pattern of bump is thicker than that of general metal line at least 100 times. We investigated the improvement of LDI BUMP stripping Process at 25 with new chemical. We found that the wettability may be improved when the additive was added to the chemical and it improves the stripping ability. It was found that new chemical was superior to commercial chemical in terms of chemical stability, removal efficiency of polymer residue and decrease in metal and polyimide consumption. Also, we could obtain removal mechanism of photoresist pattern by measured Raman equipment and enhancement of yield in mass production line of semiconductor.



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