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Improvement of Adhesion and Microwave Transmission Characteristics of Indium Bump by Silver Coating for Low Temperature Flip-Chip Applications

  • Kun-Mo Chu (a1), Jung-Hwan Choi (a2), Jung-Sub Lee, Han Seo Cho (a3), Seong-Ook Park (a2), Hyo-Hoon Park (a3) and Duk Young Jeon...


We have conducted low-temperature flip-chip bonding for both optical interconnect and microwave applications. Flip-chip bonding of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays was performed on a fused silica substrate that provides propagation paths of laser beams and also supports a polymeric waveguide. To avoid thermal damage of the polymeric waveguide during the flip-chip bonding, indium bumps were used and the bonding condition of the flip-chip was determined as a heating temperature of 150 °C and a pressure of 500 gf. Experimentally, a thin silver (Ag) layer coated on the indium bump was very effective to enhance the adhesion strength between the indium bump and the VCSEL chip pads. In addition, the microwave characteristic of coplanar waveguide (CPW) package was slightly improved by the Ag coating.



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