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Improved Resolution in A P-I-N Image Sensor by Changing the Structure of the Doped Layers

  • M. Vieira (a1), M. Fernandes (a1), J. Martins (a1), P. Louro (a1), A. Maçarico (a1), R. Schwarz (a1) and M. Schubert (a2)...


An amorphous ZnO/p-i-n/Al imager that uses a small-signal scanning beam to read out the short circuit current signal is presented. An analysis of the image geometric distortion, restoration, and enhancement is performed. A simple image-processing algorithm is used to recover main features of projected images. Modifications of the transducer structure are proposed for improving the sensor performance.The effect of the doped layers and image intensity on the sensor output characteristics are analysed. Results show that a trade-off between the sensor structure and contact geometry is needed for a correct read-out. Algorithms and tools are proposed for image analysis.



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