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Improved Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells Using RPCVD

  • Kyu Chang Park (a1), Tae Gon Kim (a1), Sung Ki Kim (a1), Sung Chul Kim (a2), Myung Hak Hwang (a1), Jung Mok Jun (a1) and Jin Jang (a1)...


We have studied the depositions of amorphous silicon, silicon carbon alloy, doped microcrystalline silicon in order to apply these films as the component materials for the p-i-n and double stacked solar cells. We have obtained low band gap a-Si:H by decreasing the deposition rate under the proper preparation conditions and highly conductive, thin microcrystalline Si and SiC layers. We have developed a stable a-Si/a-Si double stacked solar cell with a conversion efficiency of ∼ % using narrow band gap a-Si:H as a i-layer of bottom cell.The performance of this cell does not degrade until 100 hrs illumination under 350 mW/cm2.



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