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Imprint in Ferroelectric Thin Films Caused by Screening of an Electric Field in a Thin Surface Layer

  • Michael Grossmann (a1), Oliver Lohse (a1), Dierk Bolten (a1), Ulrich Boettger (a1) and Rainer Waser (a2)...


Imprint describes an aging effect in ferroelectric thin films which manifests itself by a shift of the P-V hysteresis loop on the voltage axis. In this paper a mechanism is described which attributes imprint to the screening of a large electric field within a thin surface layer by electronic charges. The field at the surface arises due to the existence of a thin surface layer in which the spontaneous ferroelectric polarization is suppressed. In the course of aging this field is gradually screened by electronic charges which are generated by a Frenkel-Poole effect and then become trapped near the electrode-thin-film interface causing the shift of the hysteresis loop. A numerical simulation based on this model allows a quantitative description of the imprint effect as a function of various experimental parameters.



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Imprint in Ferroelectric Thin Films Caused by Screening of an Electric Field in a Thin Surface Layer

  • Michael Grossmann (a1), Oliver Lohse (a1), Dierk Bolten (a1), Ulrich Boettger (a1) and Rainer Waser (a2)...


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