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Implanted Dopant-Defect Interactons in GaAs

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), J. S. Williams (a2), K. T. Short (a1), S. T. Johnson (a2), J. M. Gibson (a1), D. C. Jacobson (a1), J. M. Poate (a1) and D. O. Boerma (a3)...


The implantation temperature dependence of dopant solubility and electrical activity was investigated for Sn, Cd and Te ions in GaAs. Implantation doses of 5×1012 – 5×1015 cm−2 were performed in the temperature range from LN2 to 400°C, followed by rapid thermal annealing (950°C) or furnace annealing between 650°C and 850°C. Solubilities above 1020 cm−3 were obtained for all of the species, with a peak value of 2.5×1021 cm−3 for Te after 850°C furnace annealing. However essentially no correlation existed between dopant solubility and electrical activity or between electrical activity and the high density of defects remaining after many of the annealing cycles. This emphases the role of fine scale, point defect complexes in controlling the electrical activity of implanted dopants in GaAs.



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