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Implantation Induced Filamentary Structures

  • C. Jaussaud (a1), B. Maillot (a1) and M. Bruel (a1)


Heavy rare gases implantations have been performed in layered structures : Sb/In/Si bulk and Sb/Ga/Si bulk. Layer thicknesses lie in the range of 150 Å – 600 Å, ion doses in the range of 1014 cm−2 – 1016cm−2

Ion implantation induces in such structures a change in the visual aspect from a metallic appearance to a dark black aspect. This modification corresponds to the creation of voids with, as a consequence, the expansion of the structure. This effect is so important that even for low and medium doses, the structure becomes filamentary. Expansions as high as 2,8 μm have been measured. SEM photographs illustrate this spectacular effect.

Relations between expansion and implantation parameters are given. A comparison between this effect and those observed in bulk InSb, GaSb and Ge is presented.



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Implantation Induced Filamentary Structures

  • C. Jaussaud (a1), B. Maillot (a1) and M. Bruel (a1)


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