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Impact of Rapid Thermal Annealing on Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk Nanostructured Zinc Oxide

  • Markus Engenhorst (a1), Devendraprakash Gautam (a1), Carolin Schilling (a1), Markus Winterer (a1), Gabi Schierning (a1) and Roland Schmechel (a1)...


In search for non-toxic thermoelectric materials that are stable in air at elevated temperatures, zinc oxide has been shown to be one of only few efficient n-type oxidic materials. Our bottom-up approach starts with very small (<10 nm) Al-doped ZnO nanoparticles prepared from organometallic precursors by chemical vapor synthesis using nominal doping concentrations of 2 at% and 8 at%. In order to obtain bulk nanostructured solids, the powders were compacted in a current-activated pressure-assisted densification process. Rapid thermal annealing was studied systematically as a means of further dopant activation. The thermoelectric properties are evaluated with regard to charge carrier concentration and mobility. A Jonker-type analysis reveals the potential of our approach to achieve high power factors. In the present study, power factors larger than 4×10-4 Wm-1K-2 were measured at temperatures higher than 600 °C.



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