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Immobilization of diamond nanocrystals on graphene

  • Sven Lange (a1), Annika Pille (a1), Valter Kiisk (a1), Tauno Kahro (a1), Harry Alles (a1) and Ilmo Sildos (a1)...


Immobilization of fluorescent nanoparticles on graphene is an important step in the assembly of certain graphene-based photonic devices as well as in optical visualization of graphene and its defects. Hereby we report a viable approach to deposit diamond nanoparticles on a wide-area graphene substrate. It is demonstrated that a suitable plasma treatment leads to a selective immobilization of deposited nanodiamond on graphene with practically no agglomeration. Absence of photoemission from the individual adsorbed diamond nanoparticles suggests an energy transfer from the excited N-V centers to graphene.



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