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Identification of Interstitial Carbon Related Defects in Silicon

  • J. L. Benton (a1), M. T. Asom (a1), R. Sauer (a1) and L. C. Kimerling (a1)


DLTS measurements are used to detect and identify the interstitial related defects in n-type silicon. The materials dependences of the reactions of the [E(0.12), H(O.27)], [ME(0.30), ME(0.29), ME(0.23), ME(0.21)], ]ME(0.10), ME(0.17)] and [H(0.36)] spectral features lead to their identification as representing the two charge states of Ci, the multistable configurations of Ps-Ci, the bistable Cs-Sii-Cs, and the Ci-Oi defects, respectively. The branching ratios for the reactions of interstitial carbon with the impurities are given.



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Identification of Interstitial Carbon Related Defects in Silicon

  • J. L. Benton (a1), M. T. Asom (a1), R. Sauer (a1) and L. C. Kimerling (a1)


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