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Hydrothermal Synthesis of the Deep-UV NLO Material Sr2Be2B2O7

  • Joseph W. Kolis (a1), Colin D. McMillen (a1) and Taina Franco (a1)


The synthesis of non-linear optical (NLO) materials that are transparent into the deep-UV (<200 nm) region is an important component in the development of advanced optical technology. Such materials are sought after for their potential applications in the fields of high resolution photolithography, micro-machining, and laser spectroscopy. Borates are one class of solid-state materials that have received consideration for these applications because of their favorable physical and optical properties. One such compound, Sr2Be2B2O7 (SBBO) has been reported to be transparent below 200 nm, and exhibits a large second harmonic generation (SHG) coefficient. Significant difficulties in the flux growth of large, high quality crystals have prevented this material from further development. We have successfully grown large crystals of SBBO by a hydrothermal synthetic method for the first time, and have characterized their physical properties. The synthesis and structure of a new material encountered during the synthesis of SBBO, LiBeSr2B3O8, is also reported here.



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Hydrothermal Synthesis of the Deep-UV NLO Material Sr2Be2B2O7

  • Joseph W. Kolis (a1), Colin D. McMillen (a1) and Taina Franco (a1)


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