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Hydrophobicity of Teflon Coated Well-Ordered Silver Nanorod Arrays

  • Arif S. Alagoz (a1), Wisam J. Khudhayer (a2) and Tansel Karabacak (a1)


From wings of flies to plant leafs, hydrophobic surfaces are well-common in nature. Many of these surfaces have micro and nano hierarchical structures coated with low surface energy layer. In this work, we mimicked similar structure by fabricating Teflon coated periodic and well-ordered silver nanorod arrays and investigated the effect of nanorod separation on water contact angle (WCA). The silver nanorod arrays were deposited on patterned and flat silicon substrates using glancing angle deposition (GLAD) technique. Then a thin layer of Teflon was deposited on the silver nanorods by small angle deposition (SAD) technique. A systematic increase in water contact angle was observed with increasing nanorod separation which is attributed to the decreased area fraction of solid-liquid interface.



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