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Hydrophobic Metallic Nanorods coated with Teflon Nanopatches by Glancing Angle Deposition

  • Wisam J Khudhayer (a1), Rajesh Sharma (a2) and Tansel Karabacak (a3)


Introducing a hydrophobic property to vertically aligned hydrophilic metallic nanorods was investigated experimentally and theoretically. First, platinum nanorod arrays were deposited on flat silicon substrates using a sputter Glancing Angle Deposition Technique (GLAD). Then a thin layer of Teflon (nanopatches) was partially deposited on the tips of platinum nanorod at a glancing angle of  = 85° as well as at normal incidence ( = 0°) for different deposition times. We show that GLAD technique is capable of depositing ultrathin isolated Teflon nanopatches on selective regions of nanorod arrays due to the shadowing effect during GLAD. Contact angle measurements on Pt/Teflon nano-composite have shown contact angle values as high as 138°, indicating a significant increase in the hydrophobicity of originally hydrophilic Pt nanostructures. Finally, a 2D simplified wetting model utilizing Cassie and Baxter theory of heterogeneous surfaces has been developed to explain the wetting behavior of Pt/Teflon nanocomposite.



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