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Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon based Solar Cell with 13.6% Stable Efficiency

  • Guozhen Yue (a1), Baojie Yan (a1), Laura Sivec (a1), Tining Su (a1), Yan Zhou (a1), Jeff Yang (a1) and Subhendu Guha (a1)...


Multi-junction solar cells incorporating hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si:H) exhibit a high current capability and low light-induced degradation. In this paper, we report our recent progress in developing nc-Si:H solar cells using a modified very-high-frequency glow discharge technique. We achieved a short-circuit current density >30 mA/cm2and 10.6% conversion efficiency from single-junction solar cells. Using the improved nc-Si:H cells in an a-Si:H/nc-Si:H/nc-Si:H triple-junction structure, we attained initial and stabilized efficiencies of 13.9% and 13.6%, respectively. Issues related to improving material properties and device structures are addressed. Besides using the conventional techniques, such as hydrogen dilution profiling, optimized Ag/ZnO back reflector, and buffer layers, we found that compensation from Boron and Oxygen micro-doping is also critical in obtaining the above achievements.



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