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Hydrogen Diffusion and Passivation in InGaAIN Alloys

  • S. J. Pearton (a1), C. R. Abernathy (a1), J. D. MacKenzie (a1), C. B. Vartuli (a1), R. G. Wilson (a2), J. M. Zavada (a3) and R. J. Shul (a4)...


Hydrogen is found to readily diffuse into InGaN, InAIN and InGaAIN epitaxial layers during plasma exposures at 170 – 250 °C for 40 sec - 30 min. The diffusivity of hydrogen is > 10−11 cm2-s−1 at 170 °C, and the native donor species are passivated by association with the hydrogen. Reactivation of these species occurs at 450–500°C, but the hydrogen remains in the material until ≥ 800 °C.



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