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Hrem Study of Heteroeprtaxial Interfaces in the TiO2/Al2O3 System

  • Y. Gao (a1), K. L. Merkle (a1), H. L. M. Chang (a1), T. J. Zhang (a1) and D. J. Lam (a1)...


TiO2 thin films were grown epitaxially on (1120) sapphire (α-Al2O3) at 800 °C by the MOCVD method. The TiO2 films and TiO2/Al2O3 interfaces were characterized by TEM and HREM. The observations indicate that the TiO2 films are single crystalline and have the rutile structure. A majority of the films has the epitaxial orientation relationship between the TiO2 rutile films (R) and the α-Al2O3 substrates (S): (101)[010]R||(1120)[0001]S, while the epitaxial relationship of (100)[010]R||(1120)[0001]s has also been observed for one film. HREM studies show that the (100) film was grown on an off-cut substrate, vicinal to (1120). Detailed atomic structures of the interfaces will be presented and discussed in terms of the growth mechanism and misfit dislocation structure.



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