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Hot Embossing of Electron Beam Generated Structures in Polypropylene

  • Patrick W. Leech (a1)


The hot embossing of electron beam generated structures with linewidths 0.35-3.25 μm has been examined in biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP). The individual test elements consisted of pixels of 30 x 30 μm with a specific configuration of symbols and lettering. The embossing of these features has been performed as a function of temperature (80-140 °C) and applied pressure (2-20 kPa). Significant increases in both embossed depth and sidewall angle was evident over the temperature range 100 to 130 °C with a leveling off at higher temperatures attributed to the onset of a regime of viscous liquid flow. At temperatures within this regime, a critical level of pressure was required to fill the mold features. Accurate embossing of medium and coarse lettering (0.50-0.65 μm linewidth) and geometric symbols (1.25-3.25 μm linewidth) has been demonstrated at a temperature of 130 °C and an applied pressure of 13 kPa. The finest lettering (0.35 μm linewidth) was incompletely embossed under these conditions.



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Hot Embossing of Electron Beam Generated Structures in Polypropylene

  • Patrick W. Leech (a1)


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