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Homogenization of the Bilayers of Cu-Al Alloy and Pure Copper to Produce CU-0.3 at.% Al Alloy Films

  • Pei-I Wang (a1), S. P. Murarka (a1), S. Bedell (a2) and W. A. Lanford (a2)


Preparation of Cu-0.3 at.% Al alloy films by homogenization anneals of metallic bilayers consisting of Cu/Cu-AI on SiO2 is studied to produce advanced copper based metallization for future ICs. The bilayer films were annealed at temperature in the range of 200°C- 400°C and the depth profiles were obtained using Rutherford Backscattering technique. It is found that Al diffuses through the undoped copper layer to surface - leading to lower Al concentration in the original Al doped Cu layer and apparently increased concentration of Al in undoped Cu (not detectable by RBS). The resistivity of these annealed films ranged from 2.1 to 2.4 μΩ-cm depending on final Al concentration achieved. Electrical stability of such MOS capacitors was also investigated. All these results will be presented and discussed showing that Al-doped copper layers can be used as diffusion barrier/adhesion promoter between the oxide ILD and copper metal.



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Homogenization of the Bilayers of Cu-Al Alloy and Pure Copper to Produce CU-0.3 at.% Al Alloy Films

  • Pei-I Wang (a1), S. P. Murarka (a1), S. Bedell (a2) and W. A. Lanford (a2)


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