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Homoepitaxial Growth of p-Type ZnSe Layers on Dry-Etched Substrates

  • K. Ohkawa (a1) and T. Mitsuyu (a1)


We have succeeded in the growth of p-type ZnSe homoepitaxial layers. The layers have been grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) on (100) ZnSe substrates dry-etched with BCI3 plasma to eliminate polishing damage. Nitrogen acceptors were incorporated by nitrogen radical doping during MBE growth. Hall measurement by using Pt electrodes have indicated that the N-doped ZnSe homoepitaxial layers are p-type with typical hole concentration of 8.9×1015 cm−3. 12-K photoluminescence (PL) from the layers exhibited strong neutral-acceptor-bound exciton emission (11) at 2.7931 eV, indicating the peak energy of 11 emission from the strain-free ZnSe:N.



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Homoepitaxial Growth of p-Type ZnSe Layers on Dry-Etched Substrates

  • K. Ohkawa (a1) and T. Mitsuyu (a1)


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