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High-Rate Rpecvd of a-Si:H Films by Means of a VHF Resonant Plasma Source

  • T. Blum (a1), G. Suchaneck (a1), J. Kuske (a1), U. Stephan (a1), W. Beyer (a2) and A. Kottwitz (a1)...


High deposition rate (up to 5 nm/s) a-Si:H films suitable for recrystallization were deposited using a λ/4 helical resonator source. Refractive index, Tauc-gap, photo- and dark conductivities were measured for film characterization. The metastable behaviour was characterized by the light- induced degradation of the photoconductivity. Hydrogen content and bonding configuration were analyzed by IR absorption and mass separated thermal effusion transients, film microstructure was studied by intentionally incorporating carbon and oxygen. Most of the hydrogen is located on internal surfaces in the otherwise dense material. Differences between the deposition from our highly excited plasma and the conventional remote PECVD process are discussed.



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High-Rate Rpecvd of a-Si:H Films by Means of a VHF Resonant Plasma Source

  • T. Blum (a1), G. Suchaneck (a1), J. Kuske (a1), U. Stephan (a1), W. Beyer (a2) and A. Kottwitz (a1)...


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