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High-Quality Photoconductive Ultraviolet GaN/6H-SiC Detector and Its Properties

  • K. Yang (a1), R. Zhang (a1), L. Zang (a1), B. Shen (a1), Z.Z. Chen (a1), Y.D. Zheng (a1), X. M. Bao (a1), Z.C. Huang (a2) and J.C. Chen (a2)...


The properties of photoconductive ultraviolet detector based on GaN epilayer grown on 6H-SiC substrate by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition were investigated in this paper. We obtained the detectable energy span of the device up to ultraviolet by photocurrent measurement. The spectral responsivity remained nearly constant for wavelengths from 250 to 365 nm and dropped by three orders of magnitude within 10 nm of the band edge (by 380 nm). The detector was measured to have a responsivity of 133 A/W at a wavelength of 360 nm under a 5-V bias, and the voltage-dependent responsivity was performed. Furthermore, an easy method was developed to determine the response time, and the relationship between response time and bias was obtained.



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