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High-k Materials for Advanced Gate Stack Dielectrics: a Comparison of ALCVD and MOCVD as Deposition Technologies

  • Matty Caymax (a1), H. Bender (a1), B. Brijs (a1), T. Conard (a1), S. DeGendt (a1), A. Delabie (a1), M. Heyns (a1), B. Onsia (a1), L. Ragnarsson (a1), O. Richard (a1), W. Vandervorst (a1), S. Van Elshocht (a1), C. Zhao (a1), J.W. Maes (a2), L. Daté (a3), D. Pique (a3), E. Young (a4), W. Tsai (a4) and Y. Shimamoto (a5)...


In the quest for ever smaller transistor dimensions, the well-known and reliable SiO2 gate dielectric material needs to be replaced by alternatives whith higher dielectric constants in order to reduce the gate leakage. Candidate materials are metal oxides such as HfO2. Themost promising deposition techniques, next to Physical Vapor Deposition, appear to be ALCVD and MOCVD. In this paper, we compare the most important characteristics of layers from both proces techniques and assess their relevance to gate stack applications: density, crystallisation, impurities, growth mechanism, interfacial layers, dielectric constant, mobility. Although we find some minor differences, layers from both techniques mostly show striking similarities in many aspects, both positive and negative.



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