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High throughput synthesis of ceramic nanofibers

  • S. Sood (a1), G. Zheng (a1) and P. Gouma (a1)


High yield nanomanufacturing is important to turning nanotechnology advances into industrial products. Electrospinning is a nanomanufacturing process that has been used to process advanced ceramic nanofibers suitable for functional applications in sensing and catalysis, yet it has been limited in its scalability thus far. In this study a novel design of the electrospinning process and related equipment that could produce large qualities of ceramic nanofibers is described. This scaled-up approach to traditional needle electrospinning allows the formation of 24 jets operating under the same conditions as those set in the single jet lab-based process. Due to a thin metallic disc design, with tiny (0.5mm) holes drilled at the bottom corner of the disc, all jets experience a uniform impact of the electrostatic field. Continuous replenishment of the source disk at higher flow rates allows for high yields of nanofibers.



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