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High Temperature Stability of Amorphous TaxCu1-x Diffusion Barriers on GaAs +

  • J. E. Oh (a1), J. J. Pouch (a2), D. C. Ingram (a3), S. A. Alterovitz (a2) and J. A. Woollam (a1)...


The x value of the most thermally stable co-sputtered TaxCu1-x alloy films are found to correlate with measured maximum temperature coefficients of resistance as a function of alloy composition. To investigate the possible application of these materials as diffusion barriers for the Au-GaAs system, vacuum annealing and infrared rapid thermal annealing are made over a wide temperature range. Resistivity changes, X-ray diffraction, Auger electron spectroscopy, and Rutherford backscattering measurements are performed to find the metallurgical stabilities of these materials at elevated temperatures.

For high x values, the reaction temperature for TaxCu1-x, in contact with GaAs lies between 500 and 700°C. For Au in contact with TaxCu1-x the TaxCu1-x/GaAs reaction occurs at about 600°C. Amorphous Ta93Cu7 exhibits uniform mixing with surrounding elements, whereas Ta80Cu20 exhibits phase separation.



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Supported by NASA Lewis Research Center Grant NAG-3–154.



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