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High Strength, Porous, Brittle Materials

  • J. S. Haggerty (a1), A. Lighfoot (a1), J. E. Ritter (a2) and S. V. Nair (a2)


Contrary to existing models, strengths need not be a strong function of porosity for intermediate density, brittle materials. Flaw sizes can remain small (<50μm) if the void space is distributed uniformly in minimum dimension pores. For RBSN, fracture toughness decreases linearly with porosity for 0< porosity <40%. Strains to failure and specific strengths of these materials are higher than fully dense counterparts.



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High Strength, Porous, Brittle Materials

  • J. S. Haggerty (a1), A. Lighfoot (a1), J. E. Ritter (a2) and S. V. Nair (a2)


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