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High Resolution Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Tomography of Polycrystalline Samples

  • S. R. Stock (a1), A. Guvenilir (a1), D. P. Piotrowski (a1) and Z. U. Rek (a2)


The macroscopic response of polycrystalline materials to loading depends on both the spatial distribution of strain and the variation of microtexture on the scale of 100 μm. Nondestructive measurements are needed if the three-dimensional evolution of strain is to be studied. This paper describes approaches for high resolution synchrotron polychromatic x-ray diffraction tomography of polycrystalline materials. Preliminary experiments are reported on partially cracked compact tension samples of Al-Li 2090 and on model samples of randomly-packed, millimeter-sized pieces of Si wafers. Polychromatic beams collimated to 100 μm diameter have been used, and the distribution of diffracted intensity has been collected on high resolution x-ray film as well as on image storage plates. The depths of diffracting volume elements are determined from the changes in the spatial distribution of diffracted intensity with varying sample to detector separation.



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High Resolution Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Tomography of Polycrystalline Samples

  • S. R. Stock (a1), A. Guvenilir (a1), D. P. Piotrowski (a1) and Z. U. Rek (a2)


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