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High Reflectivity AlGaN/GaN Bragg Mirrors Grown by MOCVD for Microcavities Applications.

  • M. Moret (a1), S. Ruffenach (a1), O. Briot (a1), B. Gil (a1) and R.L. Aulombard (a1)...


Bragg mirrors are highly interesting structures for a large set of applications including vertical cavity lasers and the upcoming range of devices based on microcavities. Although the nitride semiconductors are performing fairly well in optoelectronic applications, it is not straightforward to realize Bragg mirrors based on this material system, due to the low optical index differences between GaN and AlN. Moreover, the lattice parameter difference between these materials will generate crystal defects, which prevent the stacking of a large number of periods, adding to the difficulty. In this work, we have grown high reflectivity Bragg mirrors, with a band centered in the visible blue range. The structures were first modelled, then grown by low pressure MOCVD, and were optimised using an in-situ reflectivity system.

This in-situ reflectivity measurement was compared to a calculated profile, to enable real-time control of the structures. The samples were characterized by transmission electron microscopy and reflectivity. It was possible to realize samples with 90% reflectivity near 400 nm.



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