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High Quality Microcrystalline Silicon-Carbide Films Prepared by Photo-CVD Method Using Ethylene Gas as a Carbon Source

  • Seung Yeop Myong (a1), Hyung Kew Lee (a1), Euisik Yoon (a1) and Koeng Su Lim (a1)


Hydrogenated boron-doped microcrystalline silicon-carbide (p-μc-SiC:H) films were grown by a photo chemical vapor deposition (photo-CVD) method from silane (SiH4), hydrogen (H2), diborane (B2H6), and ethylene (C2H4) gases. Since the photo-CVD is a mild process (~10mW/cm2), we can avoid the ion damage of the film, which is inevitable during the deposition of μc-SiC:H employing conventional PECVD technique. A dark conductivity as high as 5 × 10-1 S/cm, together with an optical bandgap of 2 eV, was obtained by the C2H4 addition, which is the first approach in photo-CVD systems. From the Raman and FTIR spectra, it is clear that our p-μc-SiC:H films are made up of crystalline silicon grains embedded in amorphous silicon-carbide tissue. We investigate the role of the hydrogen dilution and ethylene addition on the electrical, optical, and structural properties of p-μc-SiC:H films.



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